Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"

jason is a badass

until ur the one he chases great game

Mmmwhat day is it today?

I forget.

"Great game, but.."

.. the Jason fights were such a pain in the ass to me.

Quite an amazing game

I almost crapped myself when jason came out even with the guide telling me he willl. Good game!!!

Easter egg and Jason's Machete

EASTER EGG - fine all the 23 letters and the game chip then find the barn and get the crystal key. use it on The Mysterious Cabin 3. take a look around and look at all the Friday the 13th Movies.

JASON'S MACHETE - Once your in Cabin 3 look around and find Jason's Machete on a wall/cabinet. You can get it but you have to sacrifice yor baseball bat.

Baseball bat VS Machete - Baseball bat you have to hit jason for 3 more times rather than the machete plus once you have the machete, your ready for the final battle.

I hope you will find this helpful.
Posted by: Nazizombies12345