Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"

Easter egg and Jason's Machete

EASTER EGG - fine all the 23 letters and the game chip then find the barn and get the crystal key. use it on The Mysterious Cabin 3. take a look around and look at all the Friday the 13th Movies.

JASON'S MACHETE - Once your in Cabin 3 look around and find Jason's Machete on a wall/cabinet. You can get it but you have to sacrifice yor baseball bat.

Baseball bat VS Machete - Baseball bat you have to hit jason for 3 more times rather than the machete plus once you have the machete, your ready for the final battle.

I hope you will find this helpful.
Posted by: Nazizombies12345

Love It%u2665

I love this game I'v played it so many times but I forgot that after u got the baseball bat Jason is there. It scared me. . . I'm not afraid to admitted it. (:

Cool but...

The game has a nice concept, but I find the animation lacking. Maybe if you could work on the animation and back grounds, the game wold be better. But it is still a fun game.


I love this game and Friday the 13th, and I've played through this game like, twenty times.

I just think it's amazing how many people have completed 100%, just like myself, and never realized that the man you face is NOT Jason Voorhees.
The 23rd file you'll get is called the "Fanatic's Letter".
If you read it, you'll realize the person dressed as Jason is in fact a lunatic trying to "protect the camp until Jason's return".


it not the best