Reviews for "Bouncy Bob"

Lives up to name

I had alot of fun playing this is got a quirky humor about it.

Graphics.8/10 The alien look of this is very good. The introduction is a real smashing piece of work, as well as the details. I found this colorful and bright. Bob looked sweet and easy to see. The game did not quite as cool as the cut scnes, but the boucy nature and flips are here.

Sound. 6/10 I thought the music was well fitted to this, is was a game with idea music. It did get annoying though but you did have a ,option to turn it off. It would have been good to hav,e different tunes in each level.

The gameplay is very additive once you pick up the controls, Boucy Bob is a joy to use. He responds to your commands, just as you would hope. Scenery nice and colorful the early levels ,are yellowish in nature. The berries are good to pickup. Once you learnt how to play , you got by the levels fast. The thrill of passing is fun. I thought the hints are great very cool, and i loved the story behind it.

The troubles are minor but i did have problems, with the levels around 6. The purple ones are not as good, i thought adding spikes was a little disapointing. As it was not what i had hoped. The game did have slight repetion i only got level 7. The game got harder but not necessarly a good thing. The spikes did not add any real fun, and made the game somewhat ,hard and not very orginal.

Ovreal a good fun game.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Nice long review, I like those :).

I had planned in the beginning stages of this game to go with the 'no punish' approach but the levels would have gotten a lot bigger and I felt it could be a little boring if there's no danger.

The bounce teaching levels can be a little repetitive but I wanted to balance the game out so that every bounce would be equally useful through out the game. I can admit that my imagination was running a bit slow when I was thinking what kind of levels to do with the Splash bounce, hehe :).

Thanks for your review.

Awesome game.

You know what? Flashes like these make me write short reviews because there isn't anything wrong with them. >:(

Animation/Graphics - Awesome animation. Really no room for improvement at all in my opinion.

Story - Original? No maybe not, but it didn't matter because it was fun to play. You had explanations in all the right spots and they were all very easy to understand. The controls were very simple and simple controls on a game like this can make it a lot of fun.

Audio - Awesome again. Great music and great boing sound effects that you had. I can't find anything wrong with this either.

Overall, a fun game, which deserves a bit more attention then it has received. Good job.


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ProfessorFlash responds:

I know the feeling :). It's hard to write a review about a game where is nothing wrong. I guess I'm just too used to pointing out the faults :). I need to work on that :). Thanks for your review.


It's a pretty simple, yet highly addictive game. The game mechanics work pretty well (even though I had some trouble with those "wall jumps").

Also it reminds me a lot of "Loco Roco" for the PSP, which I enjoyed a lot.

The graphics of your game are very decent and the backgrounds look good, too.
The music and special effects are nice, too.

You managed to make this game different from Loco Roco with special moves like the Splash Jump.

Overall, it's a nice addictive game. Good job! :)

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks for the nice review :)


visuals: well defined, clear, and didn't make it lagy
audio: good choice of music, and nice use of sound effects
plot: simple to grasp with clear goals
controls: easy to use
overall: great game, sucked me in quickly and didn't let go

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks for your review. Glad you liked the game :)

Now we're talking!! :)

Animation/Graphics: Awesome graphics, everything was drawn really well.

Plot/Storyline: An awesome game where you roll around and pick up things. Awesome job!

Audio: Great sound fxs and music. I loved it.

Overall, this is an awesome game and you did a great job on it.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Awesome review :)