Reviews for "Bouncy Bob"

This game just would not stop lagging for me:/

Completely Unplayable for me due to lag :S

Doesnt seem like this is a widespread problem but I dont understand I have a decent pc (2.4 dual core processor, 2 gig ram) so i dont see how it lagged so much.

But still there wasnt much I could do due to the lag. Maybe be a bit nicer on the CPU next time?

ProfessorFlash responds:



well ill give it a 2 for the graphics, but the physics were very awkward..

awkward controls as well...

Perhaps spend more time on the engine before you submit

ProfessorFlash responds:

Well thanks for the revenge review.

wow nice game

i am not gona leave you a novel as i see you have been busy... great game, great graphics and all... bobs wondering eyes are hilarious haha,

ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks :).

Fun game. Consider more levels and better tutorial

I like this game. Quirky mechanics that seem original. Maybe a few tweaks and more levels (in the form of a sequel?) could help it realise its potential.

I loved the starting graphics, with the big shapes and lack of black, but got slightly disappointed when I saw the eyes with their thin black outlines. Couldn't you have used a dark green or greeny brown?

The first level really had me stumped the first time I played. I just imagined it was a normal platformer, so rolled left, tried to jump up, saw it was too high, rolled right, rolled left... it may sound dumb, but it wasn't until I refreshed to check I hadn't missed anything, rolled left, jumped then happened to bounce up because of my momentum that I 'twigged' what the game was about.

Maybe a second signpost giving us a hint would have been kind. I can imagine a few folk getting confused and heading to another game - had I not recognised your name or been impressed by the quality productions, I'd have guessed it was broken. before reading the reviews and presumably realising otherwise.

After that, it all seemed pretty easy and sufficiently explained. Up until the end of level 8, it seemed like plain sailing and I never felt in any danger - as long as I paid attention.

Level 9 was actually tricky, killing me 3 times. Even after finishing it, it felt a bit flukey. I worked out how I was meant to do it on the 2nd time I played through the game though.

level 12 was my 2nd favourite. I died once, but it seemed like a puzzle - once I stepped back and thought about how to approach it, it was soon obvious and felt rewarding.

In level 13, the tall column on the left with the alcove gave me a bit of trouble - took me a while to realise I had to low-jump there. The low-jump I had to do at the top was obvious, but I kept messing it up and it was really unforgiving - any mistake resulted in a crappy bounce to death on spikes. In the end this killed me.

I started a 2nd game, got to the same point 'scouted ahead' by jumping forwards and taking one damage. Didn't manage the low-bounce. it wasn't until my 3rd game that I finally beat it - on my 1st go!

To be honest though, I didn't feel any fiero for some reason. I just felt mildly annoyed at myself that I hadn't done it before.

Level 14 was tricky but I managed to complete it 2nd time. (1st time, I messed up with the splash jump)

Level 15 was, suitably, hard. I liked the way that it didn't have one really tough part like level 13 - instead, it had 3 sections where I felt in danger of being hit. I liked the way I had to react quickly at a couple of points.

I still hadn't worked out how to make the final jump without taking one hit, but I felt super-satisfied when I beat it - 2 lives left.

It was a fun game. Enjoyed it thoroughly in the end.

Having to restart was pretty annoying but the levels were short enough that it wasn't too aggravating. I'd have liked an option to continue but lose your points, though. Or maybe continue but go into an 'unscored' mode.

The scores could be better explained for those who care. Maybe a text display showing 'bonus' that goes down, to reflect the bonus we'd get if we completed the level that frame. And maybe show the scores the cherries give us when they disappear. And maybe explain why we sometimes get extra lives. Is it after X cherries? And the gold ones are worth multiple reds? It's currently a bit obscure and making it more transparent might encourage more score-attackers.

I'm still annoyed that the 'splash bounce' doesn't keep bob going up at the same height - if he can somehow gain velocity from bouncing upwards, I feel he should be able to have no loss of height when bouncing in one spot.

Also, I found a bug at one point - the hit-boxes seemed to be 'pushed left', so I'd penetrate a wall by maybe 50px, then bounce. After death, it sorted itself out.

As I said above, it was a fun game despite my crit. - though level 13 annoyed me a bit - with good progression, great graphics and a jolly tune. Definitely deserving of a sequel now that you've done this.

ProfessorFlash responds:

Wow, nice long review!

It's great to hear how you played the levels, and where you had troubles. I love watching from behind how my friends play the game. As being the game creator and having a lot of testing and overall playing of the game on my belt I take some things granted. So it's really nice to see or hear how other people deal with the levels and the game.

I can tell you how to make the last level without any hits. When you are in front of the second spikes, you go backwards a little and do the low bounce of the small wall and then you splash bounce right away when you hit the ground in front of the spikes. Keep holding down and you splash bounce again until you reach the outer wall, then quickly change to Super bounce (hold Up instead of Down) and Bob bounces perfectly right in front of the portal. Voila! :)

I discovered that 'combo' quite late in the development of the game. I hadn't planned it to be completed like that. Because you could go the conservative way and don't do the second splash bounce and just do a super bounce at the last drop. But it's always a bit risky to get through it without getting hit so the combo-way is better since it's safe every time :).

Yeah the showing of the score from the cherries is a good idea. Another thing I took for granted as the game creator :). It was so obvious for me that the red cherry is 400 and gold cherry is 5000.

The splash bounce turned out like that because of gameplay purposes :).

I'm brainstorming for ideas for the sequel (with myself :)). I've had some great ideas on how it will be but I haven't started the development yet because of being a bit busy with other things. I can tell a bit that the sequel will have completely new engine and 'new way of bouncing'. The old bounces are gone, and it will have a different playing mechanic. But it will still be a level based platformer. No promises though on how long it will take me to make it. But I'm excited to get it started and see how it turns out.

Thanks for your great review :).

Great game

This game has everything that is needed to make an addictive little game - good mechanics, a catchy gimmick of a character, annoying music and a decent enough challenge to keep it interesting.

I had a few issues getting myself around the idea that you can jump again while you are airborne, it's a useful skill that you can get yourself a lot further in a level with.

I love the way that Bob deflates slightly as you stop and relax for a moment. It's something that I wouldn't have thought about, but with certain computer games, it does become apparent that they use this technique to get people to interact with the game.

I'd have added an option to mute the music and possibly a range of sound effects for Bob as he bounces off the scenery.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Nice to see that you appreciate the little details with Bob :). There is a 'mute'-button in the menu at the top right corner and in the game about at the same place. Thanks for your review.