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Reviews for "Tom & the Afro-Ninja Sigs"


I really got a kick out of this one, loved the style of animation and voice acting on it as well. XD

Keep up the great work, can anyone say Front Page? :)

Kart-Man responds:

Ha, ha, thanks. :D


That's actually pretty amusing, the sig creation at the start of this on the preloader was a good idea for those who want one. Though I am a little disappointed by the lack of letters you allow, it only goes up to 5 on the first set so I couldn't put "Little" in it, raise it to 6, lol. Anyway, the designs on that where good although lacked pink hair.

The preloader dress up thing aside, the actual flash was also pretty good, although I'm not keen on how you didn't give them teeth in the mouth movement, I really think that would have looked better. The graphics and animation to this are pretty good as well as some amusing jokes to this, some not so funny to me but eh. The voice acting and audio was done very well here, good work overall.



Kart-Man responds:

Thanks for the review! Aw, fine, I'll raise it to 6 letters.

As for the lipsync, it's a bit of a habit for me. :P Plus, the teeth would have taken a lot more time, which I didn't really have too much of. I wanted to put this out as close to Comic-Con as I could get to maximize its effectiveness.

Thanks again. <3


You mentioned my name. :D I'm honored. :3 Nice movie, this is really what the outcome was, we just have clones.


Kart-Man responds:

You're welcome. :D



Kart-Man responds:

Thanks for the review!


ya very good

Kart-Man responds: