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Reviews for "Tom & the Afro-Ninja Sigs"


I understood about 40% of that

Kart-Man responds:

Whew, that's good. I was afraid that this would become too esoteric for people who weren't at Comic-Con or camping in front of the Stickam feed. Great to hear! Thanks for the review!


i dont even know what to say LOL!!!! : )

Kart-Man responds:

Thanks, that's good right? ;)


Me and Hans have the right idea.

Kart-Man responds:

Yep, you certainly do. :D


haha pretty funny, I was waiting for someone to make a flash movie about the extensive amounts of Afro-Ninja sigs!

Kart-Man responds:

Your wish is my command. :)

Hahaha, absolutely classic

There aren't enough flash submitted about the BBS, it's good to see some representin'. Plus I loved it because I get referenced in it twice.

Anyway, before this gets flagged abusive because it doesnt have any comment on the flash (whatever, i thought that rule was a bit shitty anyway), erm.... yeah. this flash is awesome. hilarious. neat graphics. Cool sig making thing. afro luis. Eggbert. jokes. yes.


Kart-Man responds:

Ha ha, thanks! Gotta represent.