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Reviews for "Tom & the Afro-Ninja Sigs"

awesome flash

awesome flash and me being me and slow I couldn't find the easter egg... but oh well this was still pretty sweet!!

Kart-Man responds:

Thanks. Don't worry, the Easter egg is hidden on a STATIONARY portion of the movie (in other words, not moving). :)

Ebony and Ivory...

Was the funniest thing I have EVER seen. You win dude, hands down. This flash is just plain hilarious. Thank you for making it, seriously.

(not sure if I should make a swift-ninja sig)

Kart-Man responds:

I see you've found the secret! :D

Thanks for the review!

Really Funny

It didn't have the best drawing, but that made it better. I was, to say the least, entertaining. Not to mention the EggfordtheEgg part made me literally laugh out loud. (Something I don't do too often). All in all, a really good Flash.

Also, I actually used your sig generator. "Band-Wagon Productions". :P

Kart-Man responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the sig generator as well as the animation itself. :)


I lol'ed. HARD. [I... squeak...yes.]
I only wish the audio was easier to hear at some parts :[

Kart-Man responds:

He he, thanks! :D

Haha hilarious.

the sig generator made me laugh. Great stuff!

Kart-Man responds: