Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

This is a good animation flash.

Well it was a good moral and a good animation. It give a question to all of us : Why get a new cellphone when the cellphone you have itself responded to your needs ?
Some new technologies have no purposes except upgrades. the cellphone, in history has pretty much evolved to appeal new customers , a cellphone is pretty useless if you can contact without it but i admit that a cellphone is good for urgences. All the publicity i saw said like : ''try this NEW NEW cellphone , it work better !'' If a cellphone work and respond to your need then you don't need a new one except if it the old can't work anymore or connect. I liked it , it had a plot , an history , you worked hard on this : especially graphic and animation so you deserve a 5 vote !


Liked the animation and the voices were pretty good.


I really liked this; particularly, I love how you took the TOFA theme, and ran waaaay far with it, good work! (I'm a long time fan!)


this is just boring and retarded.

you get a 3 for the animation. 0 0 0 0 0 down the line tho.

this is crazy

i loved the conflict story lines between the phones.
also i didn't notice there was a hidden playback feature that's visible when you drag the mouse cursor over it.