Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

Too long

This might have been better had it been half as long, or less. It was way too drawn out and boring.

TmsT responds:

Sorry. I guess we can't all have attentions spans longer than Mindy's one, ca
ooo look a talking clock! lol!

that was great

That was like totallly tubular or something,


That was the craziest story I think I've ever seen. The animation and style was briliant and nonetheless it was breathtaking. Can't wait for the sequel!


It's not my kind of movie, but the graphics,sound and plot worked perfectly together. Front Page - guaranteed.


5/5 10/10. This is definately for anyone who ever says a potentially great flash is only "good" because it's too short. This one does not dissapoint! Old phone (#287)'s voice actor sounded a LOT like Edward Elric's (english dubb) from FMA, just thought they'd like to know that. I loved the social commentary and the twist in perspectives from phone to person. I only wish I could score this higher than the ratings allow!