Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

The first paragraph in DarkKiranami's review was just what I was going to say, and I don't have much more to add. ^^; When I got my first cell phone, I wanted to keep it forever no matter how advanced other people's phones were. Unfortunately, it died too soon when I washed my jeans after failing to check the pockets. Looking back, even my current touch-screen Android isn't as good as the push-button Nokia I had in 2006. ._. In other words, this movie really spoke to me. Great job.

The writing and screenplay (is there a better word for that?) were very smart and displayed keen sensibilities. The only drawback is that a lot of the voices sounded off or too low in volume. In my eyes, at this moment, this movie is perfect because of its simplicity combined with meaningful attention to the small amount of detail in any given scene, but I'm going to deduct a little off the top of the score for the audio. You did a lot with very little, and I respect that.
I had actually watched some of your stuff when they first came out way back when, and now that I'm revisiting old movies I realize how well your old stuff holds up today. I can say with certainty that I now look up to you as an animator. Best of luck on your current works!

Overall, it was pretty good. Some of the voices sounded out-of place / annoying, but the main idea was clever. I also liked all the humor in it! Especially the cow and the dramatic phone showdown. Nice job!


cow on the road lawll