Reviews for "CS.SiFvsSa2C#2"


this video was cool sound efect cool and other sh!t was cool to and gund pretty awsome but the problam was base i was going O_O becuse i didnt know what whos team was so you get 9 sorry


I heard that you are Swedish, right? This is actually pretty good, especially the interactibe intros.

the menu was wacked out

took me 3min to find how to start the movie. for this you get 6 sorry

It was

Cool, i liked it, some of the sound effects were staticy but other then that sweet.

Only suggestion is keep the t's base color red and the cts base color blue cause i was so confused to who was what

Mejson responds:

OK. Next time I was better.

nice .....

the video was awesome great concept of CS... i liked the design or the characters and the names of the characters....this was well put together nice amount of time for the video to play through showing that the game can take some time with good players .... although alot of the scenes could of used some work and your character animations too.... but nothing that you can't work on. next time you make one of these add more detail to your efx's alot of them were great... but some need a lil bit of work ..... with the characters i liked the fact that you constantly showed the names of that individual at all time or when the scene changed ..... great work i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future

9/10 and got my 5'r
-xWRx peace......

Mejson responds:

Thank you for honesty opinion :)