Reviews for "CS.SiFvsSa2C#2"

nice .....

the video was awesome great concept of CS... i liked the design or the characters and the names of the characters....this was well put together nice amount of time for the video to play through showing that the game can take some time with good players .... although alot of the scenes could of used some work and your character animations too.... but nothing that you can't work on. next time you make one of these add more detail to your efx's alot of them were great... but some need a lil bit of work ..... with the characters i liked the fact that you constantly showed the names of that individual at all time or when the scene changed ..... great work i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future

9/10 and got my 5'r
-xWRx peace......

Mejson responds:

Thank you for honesty opinion :)

It was

Cool, i liked it, some of the sound effects were staticy but other then that sweet.

Only suggestion is keep the t's base color red and the cts base color blue cause i was so confused to who was what

Mejson responds:

OK. Next time I was better.

What sticks

I think this was one of the lesser entries because it did seem like it was not adding that much that was new to the table. I kept thinking that I could use my scoping vision to shoot people in the game. It is just that the animation is a bit primitive, but still good overall. I thought the intro was the entire cartoon and the rest were just biographies at first! Everyone put a lot of effort into this considering that it tried to be realistic in its game representation. There are lots of cool things like the sparkles over the kill count at the end.

Good stuff

Some great animation touches and background work, it just felt a bit drawn out. Bit of tighter editing and more dynamic camera work could make it brilliant


I think the best part of this movie is the backgrounds and stuff, because i realize how freaking hard it is to draw DE_dust. that must have taken a long time.

Counter strike ROOLZ

Oh and i can tell that you were inspired by the DE_Aztec by Wei Xing (WX). that was a great flash, and you will get to his level someday if you keep practicing.

Mejson responds:

Thanks :P
This is a first part of my Counter Strike Animation.
It was just begining...