Reviews for "CS.SiFvsSa2C#2"


I think the best part of this movie is the backgrounds and stuff, because i realize how freaking hard it is to draw DE_dust. that must have taken a long time.

Counter strike ROOLZ

Oh and i can tell that you were inspired by the DE_Aztec by Wei Xing (WX). that was a great flash, and you will get to his level someday if you keep practicing.

Mejson responds:

Thanks :P
This is a first part of my Counter Strike Animation.
It was just begining...

Good stuff

Some great animation touches and background work, it just felt a bit drawn out. Bit of tighter editing and more dynamic camera work could make it brilliant


Dude I'm sorry, what was that? Was I looking at the main menu the whole time? I didn't know what was going on, sorry man but this is bad.


Another great stick figure movie.Nice music too.