Reviews for "Anger (Demo/Beta)"

its ok

ok on the full game please add levels as in gaining exp and leveling up and maybe a few random monster battles its ok but please add those

ErnestoGod responds:

i know men, i know but this is just a Demo/Beta... let me work... XD

Just for a beta, i was impresed

I really liked the main menu, the gears in the were entretaining, the main gameplay were good, but press space for the next level it´s kinda easy and glitchy.

The interfase of the RPG were cool, but why that thing didn´t say "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!" Well, it was good. But, why madness stiled? You regulary make something more... original, it will be better put angry faic on it :P

Over all, Great Job Ernest

PS: Why im typing in english? cause my review maybe have a helful thing, i like that.

ErnestoGod responds:

RESPONDE EN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eee i mean........... COMENTA EN ESPAÑOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good game,but...

woa!un juego de ernesto!!!!esta muy bueno y vote 5 pero en esta review te pongo el puntaje real la razon:
tenes que mojorar un poco el script,mientras camina no puede disparar y si se muweve mientras salta tampoco,creo que no es algo que parezca impotante pero lo es,le quita mucha fluidez al juego

ErnestoGod responds:



It's a good game, you just need to work on a few things.
1: Gameplay should always be consistent-ish. It's okay to break away from the gameplay, as long as the same element is intact. You can't go from shooter to RPG, but you can take away a part of the shooter, for example, a level with no weapons would be interesting, or a level where you're in an airplane.
2: The animation needs to be fluid. With the guy bouncing, the movement doesn't look right because there is some time between the bounces that make it look like he's being dragged. Get rid of that 'drag time' and it'll look so much better.

That's mostly it.

Also, don't let the reviewers get you down. Most of them have never made a game and don't understand how hard it is. Just don't yell at them. Take it with half a heart.


Won't bother going into detail.. All I hate yo say is: No.
Just, no... NO.

ErnestoGod responds:

screw you....