Reviews for "Anger (Demo/Beta)"

nice game

i love this game, really awesome graphics

ErnestoGod responds:

thanks men... just you love this garbage XD

Great first attempt

The shooting part could use a little work. However, the boss battle was awesome. It was fun and challenging. I think this is great for your first game. You have the potential to make some good games.


This game wasn't very enjoyable, it's pretty boring and just pointless, and you resubmitted it, when it was fairly and squarely blammed by the users, do not resubmit an already blammed flash, it's not good for reputation

ErnestoGod responds:

shut up men... you can't make any flash submition so you not need lost your time writing bullshit....

Enjoyed it

Fun Game, Great concept, i bet it took some time to get all the effects Just Right...

ErnestoGod responds:

thnx u very much! ;)