Reviews for "Anger (Demo/Beta)"

nice demo

Like to see good thing from you. And people its not called a demo for nothing

ErnestoGod responds:

thnx men.... and i know this flash not is perfect but anyway.... thanks for the review...


Art was madness inspired which is way overdone. i wasn't really expecting an RPG elemen on the boss (Which looked stolen straight out of thing thing). The gameplay was average. the practice is unnessecary because it gives no rundown of the controls.

From the Author Comment and the first screen with the spelling error i knew it was gonna be bad.

Also the broken english replies tipped me off to how bad this is going to be.

The Movement looked alittle wobbly/chunky he walked like one leg his longer than the other.

It's only getting a 1 because it wasn't TOTALLY horrible

ErnestoGod responds:

you know just an Actionscript? you can make just a fuckin' design?! YOU CAN MAKE A FLASH GAME??!!! UHH? TELL ME?? you not have a fuckin' flash you can't come to me and tell me: " your game is horrible!" you are an asshole, when you learn make flash you can criticize the other flash..... N00B!!!!!

Very Crude at the Moment

The art is pretty good, however, if you where to smooth out the animations for the characters itd help alot. Also, when in practice I couldn't go back. Im not sure if you ever covered the controls either. Anyways, with some work, you could really make this a pretty bad little game. In a good way. Good luck ErnestoGod!


it wasn't aweful, but there are alot like it already

the controls worked well for the most part, had trouble turning aroun at times

graphics/art- pretty good

sounds- music was good as was the gun fire (one thing though his gun looks like an uzi- which is full automatic, and the gun firing sounds like a semi-automatic pistol. also the gun has a silencer on it and the gun fire sound isn't silenced at all =X)

good beta, keep working on it and release the actual game :3

Like your art style

Especially the boss.
It seems like it was somewhat influenced by the madness series, which isn't a bad thing. I like how you mix RPG and platforming, although I hope in the final version the boss has more then one attack.

Either way, you have a solid start to a good game