Reviews for "Crescendo"


I didn't like how the music looped after a while, but the concept was nice, and it was a short but fun game.
Also, maybe it could get a bit louder when your crescendo rises? I couldn't really tell the difference between say, 1 crescendo and 2 crescendo.

Plumpman responds:

Ya making the music even a little louder if you go over max would be cool.


The game itself is pretty simple, but it is fairly well presented. The high score table is pretty nice however.

good, but...

the game got really boring really fast. otherwise, good graphics.


Its so so. But good for when your stressed. I say add some power ups.

Plumpman responds:

There could be plenty more but I wanted to keep it simple.

Really interesting

nice idea, and really interesting to play

though i hate how it gets harder not to collect the blue boxes (though that's how it's supposed to be haha)

well done =)

Plumpman responds:

Ya, well you gotta lose sometime :)