Reviews for "Crescendo"


Itwas ok fora while but then it became impossible and less fun, i got 402, make more games but try a new and adventurous way ofusing the mouse avoider, be the first to stand out, from this game it shows that you can do these games!

it's okay I guess

It actually becomes challanging after a while :)
161 seconds for me :)

does nothing new

this game does nothing new, but stands out from other games like this with the music. Overall, it's good but needs something else...

nicely done

The music was really good (even though I couldn't find where to download it...) and the noise when you hit the blue squares time in really well, it got really tough the futher I went in.
No highscore though... 450-60 something

it was ok

it started out being impossible to lose then became impossible to win beacause the blue blocks apparently can spawn in complete lines so its impossible to dodge and with green blocks permanently inside them but the game isnt meant to be played for too long so it was still pretty fun : )