Reviews for "Crescendo"


not unbelievably great, but i love the music and how it fits so well with the game =D

Plumpman responds:

Thanks :D


Although it was simple, I really enjoyed this game. It started out at a good difficulty level, and led up to the point where it was nearly impossible. (at about 360 seconds for me.)

The graphics weren't amazing, but they were good. The music was great, and I liked how it got softer as you died more.

Although it's a simple concept, and WAAAAAY overused, this was executed excellently, and I loved it.

It still only gets a 5/10 from me, because it's not very original, and more could've been added, (powerups, for example) but you did a great job anyway. Keep up the good work!


great game......tons of blue after 150 though


I love the music and the concept! The game as a good difficulty curve even though it gets very hard after 300 seconds :P Nice work! Keep it up!