Reviews for "Clocknam Tales"


This was really good and thanks for the small file size. How did you get that good of a score with a Clock Cartoon though? Good cartoon though

This is AWESOME!

This is incredible, I like the use of raining men, really epic. You should have used Bonnie Tyler's I need A hero.

Just one thing I can think of improving that I'm sure will be mentioned alot. Voice acting. If you redo this with some real voices it will be awesome!

Rho-VIII responds:

The choice of using Raining Men seems to polarise people, but I'm glad you "get it". I planned to use Cyndi Lauper at the end but then I'd have a ~2.0 score instead of 4.0


No Harmony?
I should burn your shit up but instead I raised your flash from 3.87 to 3.96.
Tomorrow, I'll be a little bit sader... noone will even notice.


Something decent from lock guys!

I think

it was good..the grpahics were good...although...the people could have been more creative..rather than...wat the hell a dr pepper can...
sound was quite poor...but overall a good effort