Reviews for "Clocknam Tales"


It was wonderfully done, the only suggestion I can give is that, you had Dr. Pepper reload to much, he had like a 10 round clip...


This is amazing. i love both clocks and locks.
great, hope to see more from you

wow impressive

but it could of been better without the screwy voice(although it was kinda funny 2 hear them talk). i liked the music too.

WHY 2nd?

Can't really figure out HOW this landed in 2nd place...Should have been 1st..(The game at 1st sucks )Animations here are great...Story might be weak,and the sound would be better if it was real peeps speaking and not Microsoft Sam!

Rho-VIII responds:

While I can't really say much about the game other than he did a good job, I'd loved to have won 1st, but I'm happy with 2nd.


Great movie and a hella good decision to make a comeback. great as always