Reviews for "Clocknam Tales"

VEry good

The song at the start "its raining men" can be interpretated two ways, when hearing it I got the idea of its raining mens dead bodies.


Especially loved the 3D graphics in the intro.


that was awesome i liked the fight parts make more.

it was ok........

Great graphics and music, and also funny but just not my thing, but great job. Stupid Squirrel Out.

WHY 2nd?

Can't really figure out HOW this landed in 2nd place...Should have been 1st..(The game at 1st sucks )Animations here are great...Story might be weak,and the sound would be better if it was real peeps speaking and not Microsoft Sam!

Rho-VIII responds:

While I can't really say much about the game other than he did a good job, I'd loved to have won 1st, but I'm happy with 2nd.