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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Threesome Fun"

Could use some improvement

I like the idea and the genre, but you could use some more animation, a more belivable awnser base, a more extensive line of questioning, some other mini games, better dialouge, etc. Keep working.

It's hentai. That's why people think it's good.

You just click your way through stupid conversations. How do I know which cheesy pick up line will work when they're all equally bad? All those lines would work the same in real life, a slap to the face, so why are some better than others? You pretty much guess your way through. And you don't even get penalized for choosing the wrong lines. Wow.

Now after a few screens of guessing, you finally get your way to the bedroom. You play some crappy minigame four times. Each time you cum... ok. But seriously, four times? The same minigame? That's repetitive and boring. And they all suck. It just says shake your mouse. I don't know if I should start out fast, or slowly get faster, it's pretty vague.

But after an exhausting minigame you get to see the only actual animation in the game, the guy coming, and it's pretty bad compared to excellently drawn anime girls. It just doesn't fit in.

So all in all this game is pretty much speeding through cheesy lines and crappy minigames so you can get to what you want. It's barely a game, it's just a bad excuse for a dating sim slapped on some naked chicks. And that's why people think it's good. Me, personally, I just think it's horrible. And I can't people some people would actually sit through this crap, seriously, just go on some hentai site if you really want to see something.

4/10 which I think is generous.

Hilarious & Hot

Girls and animation were hot, and I found the lines extremely funny. Your "games" just keep getting better and better. Keep it up!

Too many cheesy lines

Makes the game way to easy just by avoiding the stupid cheesy lines. ( I was surprised when some of them were the right ones).

But the flash looks great and the sounds are merely ok.


LMFAO, Best godamn pickup lines ever.. Holy shit, I cant stop laughing