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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Threesome Fun"

It was good

The shaking your mouse up and down part is kind of hard to do on a touchpad on laptop. The boob massage part didn't make any sense that you had to do a certain order.
@seanileus: First of all, don't use CAPS LOCK. Second of all, how about upgrading to flash 9 or 10 before trying to view a recent flash. Some older flashes are for flash 8 but most recent flashes are made for flash 9. You are supposed to review this flash, not ask for help.


no more curiosity for me lol!


0/10 my wrist was too tired from all the mouse shaking to do my business.

As always 10/10 and 5/5 for these. I'm yet to be dissapointed by your meet n' f#%@ series. can't wait for the next.

I loved it!

I can't believe this game isn't getting better reviews. The players are mad because of the dialogue? Who plays a dating sim for the DIALOGUE?! And I really couldn't care less if the maker of the game is using original images or not--very few on Newgrounds do, and at least this game uses images you'd normally have to pay to buy an authentic dating sim to see. Actually, I think this is the best one yet. :3 I loved it lots. I adore the way you always do the breasts in your games, heheheh. x3 And the animation is really impeccable. I think your games and Ganguro Girl are the only dating sims on Newgrounds with really superb animation. Please keep making more! I'll keep playing! x3

Hmmm... as bad as ever...

these are all the same and are you really that bad at spelling or writing a gramiticly correct sentence. afew quotes
"Holly TITS!!!!"
"This Pain's!!!!"
seriously... you gotta be kidding. and anyone how is AMAZED by his amazing art.... odds are none of it's his. it's all photoshops and tweens! there's nothing special about it. I'll give one thing, you are providing people with what they want. But there is no skill in this. This is was made by someone who can use flash, not by someone who is good at it. probaly this wasn't even made by the person who submitted it but only as a way to advertivse the site a site which is full of STOLE material. If your gonna make a flash that gets such a high score please convince everyone that there was effort and care that went into it not just some weekly quota!!!