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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Threesome Fun"




How can your graphical style be so nice, but your grammar & sound effects suck so bad? I would think folks would be throwing themselves at you to produce quality sound effects & spell check your grammar on these things. It's as if you're ripping off someone else's work done in Japanese and merely translating it to English then taking credit for the whole thing.

And what's up with the "pick up" lines? It's so random what works and what doesn't. Phrases I personally would find offensive end up appeasing the girls sometimes, and phrases that would show some class or confidence end up pissing them off. WTF?

The whole "click around until you get the positive response" BS is getting old, too. If you're going to make this a fantasy, then make the girl's REAL fantasies...have them actually hint to you what they want done to them, instead of just expecting you to read their freakin minds.

If I tried hooking up with girls as annoying as this, I'd kick their asses out of the bed before I even got to third base. It's just not worth the trouble.

(But your art style is nice ... which is the only saving grace I see in this.)

To predictable

This was to much like the others and prety easy not much as changed on to the game.

Graphics.7/10 I liked the look of this game but as the others, it featured the same game engine .Nothing much had changed from other episodes. The background are nice pinkish colors, the sex bits are good but a little blurry.

Sound.6/10 The moaning sounds are good but they tend to sound the, same as when they complaning slightly. The music is okay but a bit samey ,as it does not change.

The actual game is very easy to play once, you played the others ones. The process of getting the questions right ,is easy and fun not having to start again is good. The sex scenes are good and hot although, not as good as the last game.

The problem is that its virtually the same as the others, in fact this one is weaker despite ,the fact you get another girl too. The game once you played the others, is by the numbers. The touching i knew without much help ,its fun to use the mouse but its a little boring. The results are the same which is fine, but i felt tha the dialogue is not that good. The guy is the same i wish this had more options, the detail was not to good you did not see behin in the sex scenes.

Ovrerall i felt this was weaker as it was the same ,and the girls less appealing maybe have more options make its diffrent. Stilll a good dating sim just not that much fun, as the others ones.

Good game

I liked this game alot, one of the best but the faces looked a little strange to me on this one. NG123 shutup, that site you named is in coordination with the site this is from, meaning they most likely share games.


this is so hot but not better than the other ones.