Reviews for "GlueFO"

i love it!

lovely addictive simple straight game. :D
But no saving or no continuing once died can be frustrating isn't it?
Fix to continue and i will give you 10. For now i can give you 8 and half... cheers!


you dont have enough lives to play it

i agree with braingig

would have been better with save function and also try making the rise in difficulty a little less steep


One of the previous posters said a background is needed, i dun tink so! furthermore, background might make the game lag and if u hav an ugly backgrd, it will only go against u!

enjoyed the game. played it repeatedly and died repeatedly. but YES U DO NEED TO HAVE A SAVE FUNCTION. -1 for no save function (im must better than previous poster hehe)

nid more upgrades too.

ur 5'd!


This would be an almost-perfect game if it had a save funtion.

squidsquid responds:

Oh noes, I lost 6/10 points for no save function?! Still, its something I'm considering adding in future versions, thanks :)