Reviews for "GlueFO"

Simply Great

A great remix of a classic
the simple gameplay makes it very addictive one of the floors would be when you blow up a largecircle the little ones fly away and off the screen or towards larger objects apart from that great game well done


A few problems with the physics, like Nosophoros had mentioned are really the only problem this has. Its fun and addictive. I like that it felt like a re-vamped asteroids. Except I never really loved and adored it like some used to. This was pretty good though.


You desperatly need to fix the psychics in the game. For instance, if you blow up a circle, the little circles can head towards you, instead of heading in the opposite direction, other than that, its a fairly good game, 8/10

squidsquid responds:

Thanks, other people have pointed this out and I will be changing it in future versions...

it was fun

i lost on the first lvl though but its still a fun game and it has a good concept thats barely ever used keep up the good work


it was awesome