Reviews for "GlueFO"


Really addictive game and fun.
Great twist on the astroids game itself.
Just I suck at it... :(


I thoroughly enjoyed this game! The game physics engine, the mechanics of the game, and the powerups brought this game to a ten of ten! I loved it!

squidsquid responds:



This is the best twist on Asteroids since Asteroids itself. Besides the interesting new mechanic, the levels are pretty (I love the little tails on the asteroids) and the sense of humor is cute (due to ongoing financial concerns...) .

I just have two requests which would make the game a 10/10 in my mind:

One, the asteroids seem to fly off in random directions when split. This can be annoying when you split an asteroid expecting the pieces to fly off with the total momentum of the original asteroid but instead they fly back at you. For that reason, my first request would be to implement more realistic physics by ensuring conservation of asteroid momentum.

Two, the 'spin' upgrade is annoying to use since you have to hold down the left or right keys in order to spin your GlueFO. Maybe instead you could have the keys impart some angular velocity to the GlueFO and start it spinning, then you could press the other key to stop the spinning or start spinning in the opposite direction.

Again, great game! 5/5, 9/10

squidsquid responds:

Hey Nukeade, nice review. The random splitting direction thing is something a few other people have mentioned, and I definitely intend to change it in future versions. Interesting idea re the rotational thrusters, I'm not sure that the way you suggest would be easier to use but I'll consider it for the next version also... Cheers!


Very cool and challenging, +very fun 2 play. N1!

love it

kiding i know how hard but i dont like it atleast you tried though