Reviews for "Bytesize"


Stamper is the bestest, I love your work Stamper! ~<3KISSES<3~


The cat fight

The cat fight is the best thing I've ever seen ! I've laughed so hard ...

The handbag loop is amazing. It defines NG.

It's what I heard everytime I went to NG way back when. But on to Bytesize. Bytesize is awesome and should never end. I emailed Tom a bytesize like a week ago but now I hear he might be ending it. That just sucks.


this is great. and I love that it loops. Also, only 36 KB!!!??? wtf? amazing...
This is pefect for someone with dial up who has trouble getting larger files to load.


You bought a TV to Newgrounds..? Someone should make something like this, except that it linked directly to the flash portal... the chinese guy looking like (:3 was funny... on that and the one after that. Perfect score, all nice, except if you clicked the tube, it'd send you to the author's place.

And DON'T mess with the computer's disc drive.