Reviews for "Bytesize"


Good but it was just the thing off the front page :/

XD This is great

"If you love me, you'll gimme some of that hot dick." LMAO
I was laughing so hard!

Great :O

It's great material, however I though it was too long, but since when can you blame it for that? =)


Wow, thats amazing. Glad to see Bytesize reborn! Looking forward to the next set.

A Wonderful Addition

I've always enjoyed this feature, and I'm sad to see that it left the front page. I really think it needs to be up there for everyone to see. It was a great way to show off little tastes of different styles and artists, and I was introduced to a lot of great work that way. Additionally, it just makes the home page more interesting.

I know I'm just one person, but I hope you can consider putting bytesize back on the homepage.