Reviews for "Bytesize"


Everybody did such a damn good job. We have our favorites, of course, but they were ALL fun to watch.

All of you collab-orators ROCKED with your cocks out.


I can't help but love this. Artists all bunched together with shorts like this is awesome and I'm glad I'm apart of it.

I think you should add this to a collection. Probably the Newgrounds Collection.


Is it just me, or does no one know that this is on the left side of the front page?
It's amazing how 36KB could hold so many flash files.

I think you should allow people to contribute another set of bytesize flashes again.

Very nice.

It's nice to see a collab with such diversity in it. As I read through some of the reviews I saw people liked Stamper's shorts a lot. Personally I thought they were great too, my favorite was Chowtown, big surprise. It makes me think of when my friends and I go to our local chinese restaurant, do I have the balls to pull that off? Probably not. I'd get mauled by pandas.

Anyways, there were a few that were a bit crude, though they were still fine. If you happen to read this review, how do you find the shorts you want to use? Just out of curiosity.


You bought a TV to Newgrounds..? Someone should make something like this, except that it linked directly to the flash portal... the chinese guy looking like (:3 was funny... on that and the one after that. Perfect score, all nice, except if you clicked the tube, it'd send you to the author's place.

And DON'T mess with the computer's disc drive.