Reviews for "Bytesize"


Stamper pwnz


I don't think this idea would get stale if it were consistantly updated with new clips on a regular basis. Biannually or quarterly perhaps? Every time enough short clips are collected to launch the update, do with the old ones just like you've done to these--archive them in a special category on the site. Keep the cycle going.

I love these; I'm always looking forward to seeing new ones. I think these drastically boost the face-value of the front page, too. It grabs a viewer's interest right off the bat.

Quality stuff.

There stuff in there of high quality let me tell you.

STAMPER FTW, you made my day!

What's not to like?

The best tiny cartoons on the web, handpicked by Tom Fulp himself. How could you go wrong? I was surprised to discover that a cartoon I did for it ultimately made the cut. A BIG THANK YOU for that, Tom.

I hope that people continue making these and they get updated regularly. I hope that this will ultimately be just part one of a grand collection.

It's amazing how this can all be 36kb!

Love the movies in it, but the size of it has me so amazed I can't pay much attention!