Reviews for "Bytesize"

Hmm... somehow I expected better.

This was... well... it wasn't really anything except too far and spaced out funny thing. You should have looked at half of these said, "Oh, well maybe that's not actually very funny" and thrown them out. Five or Six funny things, are only funny when you don't have to wait two to three minutes to get to the next funny one. As I said I expected better, do a little more thinking on the next one.


That was extremely boring... I didn't bother to watch the whole thing, because it there's no connection between anything.
It's just ONE long commercial for random artists and it makes me MAD!
Why would I have to watch something like this?
I was very, very bored during the whole movie!


Stamper, the one that the cat explodes and the one that an alien is getting mugged by a car where my personal favorites..
The whole video was kinda long