Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"

heres a trick for a spy in cort 2 if you go up the brigde roof and stay up there till the time run out but you have to destroy the endtrce teleporter so stay there and he wil stay till he kills you he don't want the point only you

Really nice game, but you need to be able to upgrade your buildings, and how do you shoot? (it says M1, but that doesnt work) snipers are too strong if you cant use your shotgun

I always get to be Engi even when i dont choose him! D:<

What A Awesome Game! Can you Make Part 2!

What will be on Part 2
1.Mann Vs Machine
2.All Class Enemies
3.Full Sounds
4.Gibs And Body Parts

Very good game! Just like a 2d man vs machine exept u can only play as the red engineer. Although it would've been better if u could play as other characters and add the missing characters but aside from that,the game is awesome!