Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"

Man, if this thing just had a remake... Sentry Fortress 2! That'd be freakin' unbelivable! Most of the suggestions already got mentioned beforehand, so, I just gotta admit the nice work there.
Shooting your shotgun on a laptop equals impossible, thus dealing with soldiers is a pain in the butt. However, I just love it.

2008 games rock!

i lave game

awesome but please add all of the classes thx

Thats a cool TF2 game! building sentry, killing bloody spies and other things
this game need the "upgrade", upgrade buildings, all 9 classes and the teammates, more guns...
well... the graphics is awesome! the gameplay, isn't very good, the AI isn't very good...
but, it's a TF2 Fan Game!

Note : Cool - Awesome

This game is awesome. It could be cooler if u could put hats on, like tf2, and also pls add upgrades to the dispenser and sentry. (teleporter too!)