Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"


nice job it was awesome!


You really captured the art style of the game. good job.

Great game.

Great game dude.TF2 is the best.

Not bad!

This is actually a nice game to play! I like TF2 as well and I happen to have the engineer as favorite class (Engineer, ftw!). I must admit: this is actually entertaining unlike many other spoofs, I say you did a job well done!
Oh, since you made this game, you can take this kinda, your own way. Would you like to make your own engineer weapons? go ahead! Want to make your own sentries and contraptions? Go ahead, you got your own game on which you can build! I'm looking forward to an eventual sequal.


I like it

Its just missing a few aspects, because its nearly impossible to hold your own in a 4v1 in the real game so why would it be any easier here?