Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"


awsome game i really like that game =)


this image was riped of afro samurai .. or im liying?


Those keyboarding classes payed off. Awesome game. I loved it. And to the two guys before me. Kman, I bet you probably just want to learn a life skill that may help you so you suck at this game. And to major99, were you you pressing the right keys and is your keyboard functioning, cause I was fine. Amazing game, I'm looking foward to the second.


the game is responsive for the most part and completely unique, my only problems are that you can't pause game, the archers never attack mounted ninja and the 5th level on hard, the game goes from challenging to all out rape mode, the wizards multiply immediately, and when 2 wizards multiply, all the words kinda mangle into each other making it nearly impossible to kill people. on normal and easy though i encountered no real problems except for the level where you charge up then use space which i could never pass. Awesome game


Holy Crap... This game is freakin' amazing. In fact, it's so amazing, that freakin' doesn't even come close. 10/10 and 5R