Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

Good game but Stage 5 End Sequence sucks.

The font used gets blurry and hard to read when the words are moving fast, it makes it hard to see what word the horsemen are supposed to have. The boss battles are just ... baffling. You're just thrown in there with a completely differen gameplay, you don't get a chance to learn the rules, and BAM! in a few seconds it's over. That's not very good design.

The animations are neat, though.

Seriously, you need to make the words bigger. It's OK in the first rounds, but once there are horse ninjas, the small words run so fast that I can't even read them! What's the point of a typing game when you can't even read the words you're supposed to type!

Am I lol'in

This game was Really fun. I like those typing games they helped me a lot when I was a Kid. Good Job

pretty good

for a first game is this really good (try to punish if you type the wrong letters because if not you just can wave whith your hands over the keybord)