Reviews for "Ninja Hunter"

hole new way of gaming.

this is simply amazing. keep up the good work


You must play this game cuz...
1) its amazin!
2) its very addicting!
3) its amazin!!!!!

All 5 on this!

Animation - Great! Perfect, it suited the game really well! I wish you could choose the strikes from the Ninja you control and stuff! But yeah, very good. 9/10

Story - Good, protect a temple from Ninjas, I would love it if the game changed "modes" if you know what I mean at certain places. But yeah, good. 7/10

Sound - Great! I have nothing much to say apart from great really! 9/10

Overall - I loved it! It motivated me to improve my typing skills as I usually type with 2 fingers so I decided to go and learn the different way of typing! Can't wait till the second one comes out! Make sure you include typing mini-games! 10/10


its awsome it trains your speed makes your wrting skills better its awsome all in all a 10/10


loved it. Inovative game. Could you tell me what you used for your actionscript coding?