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Reviews for "Zombie Arena"


it's fun... But it gets old fast and is too repetative...

I give points though because I enjoyed it for a bit...


The level and gameplay is a lot like boxhead zombie wars.
Zombies are a little hard to kill
And there's barely any sound

Keep tryin

You weren't kidding!

Bare bones, indeed. My biggest gripe with this one is that zombies just kind of pop into existence. It's really quite annoying. Mines were cool, but I only found one power-up to restock them throughout the game. Zombies didn't die in an epic fashion like they should. They just vanished, leaving a barely visible pool of blood. It was okay, I guess.


Not bad but could be so much better.
The way i see it, it didnt look like it had much work put into it, and it had a few minor flaws too like the speed of the zombies and their random respawn points as mentioned below. Otherwise, i have to say its fairly addictive and a fun game to play.
Could be a lot better though ;)



it was boring after the first 200 kills, needs better graphicks zombs plz,circles wit hantenas...