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Reviews for "Zombie Arena"


haha, I got to sit here and relax for 30 minutes as my score racked up. =]

All time top score:
Evan-Execution 74300

Ab9003 responds:

Hah, try insane mode ;), that should keep you busy!


Wow, well, remind me of the boxhead game buttt...
good things about this game
-You can shoot 360 instead of certain angles which really bugged me
-rage mode helped me survive and was a nice touch

the gameplay was easier for control and ease, wasn't very frustrating so that was good.
But it seemed a bit more boring than the boxhead version. I dunno why.

But still, this is a very good game. You've done a great job. Hi5!

Ab9003 responds:

I'm surprised you saw the 360 degree freedom of aiming as a bad thing and not a good thing... Nevertheless, thanks for the review!

Solid for it's genera

You have made a pretty steady game for the type of game that is. The graphics/style wasn't ground breaking, but I at least got the idea. The upgrades and rage spawned(upgrades) and filled up (rage) at helpful times. The mines were life savers! As, the sounds and look were kind of anesthetic I was still able to get into the game!

good job. 8/10...3.5/5...I rounded up lol


this was a very addicting game even though i suked at it it was very cool

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

can be better

was a very good game but if the zombies come to close, you cant hit them with you guns so you need to let you hit by the zombies to kill them. sometimes they are also a little bit faster. And 1 more thing, if you want to activate rage, and you are walking with wasd and you are walking upward (W) then the screen will close because you press ''control w'' but on the other side, it was still good but theres still more to add. still like because there were zombies :P 8/10 and 4/5

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, I fixed the thing with the close zombies, it should be easier to hit zombies when they're nearby now :).