Reviews for "We are the ONE."


very good, if only more people conveyed this kind of message maybe the world would be a better place.
it could have been better but you show to have alot af animating skills and movie making skills. and indeed the preview gave me a totally diffirent idea of what the movie was like.
anyway very good animations great message!

Words cant explain this...

i just dont have anything that i can think of saying to describe this.

But to the ignorant people who think that the song is gay and dumb,they dont understand what this movie is about.Seriously these people need to grow up. This movie is not suppose to have nonsense violence but to try and unite the people of the world and to stop the wars and bloodshed of peoples lives.Some poeple though never learn.

Love the message.

The message was great. I watched this twice and showed it to my history teacher.
love the human analog dancing in the end

Of course!

It's so simple! We can solve all the world's problems by DANCING! *sigh* if only it were that simple... nice flash, though. I thought it had a good message, but I kinda wonder about the dancing part at the end...


not much to say exept that i think you just amde a flash that relays what most of the world is thinking and anyone who wasnt that saw this probly is now.

thank you