Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


Could this be any better?? yeah, well.. nothing much to say just great man. nice build up.

it was pretty cool

i rofled at the part where he rubs himself with blood

I will never be the same

Never seen the perspective of the monsters. amazing video

Unexpected but great!

Good humor, great game, I would like to see more stuff from you like this in the future.


Well this just goes to show that you dont need tremendous graphics to get a good score, i mean wow was the humour in this flash superb or what?, this is deserved of repeat viewings its that good. The voice acting was terrific, the alligator and balloon type fella's voices played off each other very well. The crazy storyline was just unreal, the guy in the astronaut suit rubbing blood into himself will keep my smiling all day. Overall a perfect short that didnt require graphics to make its mark.


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