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Reviews for "The Fall of Cheshyre"


This just sounds barbaric, but in an awesome way!
I really love the fast synth, with the high notes.
The breakdown at 1:17 is out of this world, that grainy sound reminds me a lot of cornandbeans and Paragon, you must use it again. Try it alone, with out all the extra sounds, i think you can make something sick with it!

This track is overall really nice. I love the bass, cutoff synth, and the kick rolls.
Although i think the track started a bit messy..its the drums. The worked later.
Awesome track.

cheshyre responds:

Awesome!! I'll try to incorporate some of your advice. Thank you for the comment!


I love it when you use a different approach of a song. The rise... The fall... What's next? Return?

I gotta download this dude.

Hope to see the rest slowly appear over the weeks.

cheshyre responds:

I'm glad you like the titles! It's a whole new creative side to art. The art of naming a song... I'm so glad you like it!!! Thanks!


Love it! Especially at 1:36! Will your second album be on iTunes or Amazon? Your doing it right!!

cheshyre responds:

The second album will take a couple of months because of stupid financial troubles, but yes! It will be as soon as humanly possible! Thanks for the 10!!