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Reviews for "The Fall of Cheshyre"


i dont understand why this song made best of week...

i agree with cheezy it sounds cluttered and thrown together

make a better melody next time

cheshyre responds:

It made song of the week??! That's awesome!!


Most of your stuff is good, but from you I've come to expect a really exil sounding track. This sounded really cluttered and thrown-together.
I could only imagine this being used if Tricky was beating up a band >.>

7/10 because it was still acceptable and because of the awesome sounding name!

Just FYI, my favourite tracks of yours are Train Madness, Calliope and Madness 4.

cheshyre responds:

Well, sorry you didn't like this one very much! I'm glad you like the other ones!! Thanks for the 7!

Your not falling...

Your flying, dude.


cheshyre responds:

Awesome! Thank you!!

very good

this song is awesome

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!

not bad

so i did 5/10

cheshyre responds:

Well, thanks for the 5!