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Reviews for "The Fall of Cheshyre"


"The Fall of Cheshyre"? its so awsome that looks more like you ascended even more to the heavens! cmon your great dude i <3 your work and hear it nearly everyday. keep up with the master pieces

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!! maybe I'll make "the ascension of cheshyre" in the future..

You rock!!!

Hy mate

Rony here old mate :D.Just wanted to give ya a 10/10 and 5/5+download and shared to all friends :D.Youre still the best!!! ^_^

cheshyre responds:

Thanks!!!!! and no, you are the best!

inspires me yet again

if i could i must slap u silly iwth a million bucks this is just amazing
every 10 seconds of the song has a epic scene behind it
i must animate something using this song
and ur face will be all over the description :3

cheshyre responds:

Awesome!!! Do it!! Thanks for the review!!

Super awesomeness!

My mind was filled with soundgasm after soundgasm from listening to this song. It's like an exotic high. I can totally see this in a madness flash. Nice work.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!!!! That's super awesome! Spread it around and tell your friends!!


I know theres a story here.... just let me listen to it a few times and if im lucky you'll tell me if i got it right. :P

... *30 minutes of listening later* ...

0:00-0:10--- I saw a dark empire full of evil and twisted things from a Birdseye view, from all different directions and viewpoints..

0:11-0:28---I could see an army of light outside the gates with all siege equipment needed to conquer the city

0:29-0:0:37---I could see Cheshire the emperor sitting in his twisted chair of chaos looking bored and like he doesn't give a rat's ass who's at his door.

0:38-1:06---An epic battle of epic proportions. Twisted Chaos and darkness vs. light people (Ew, light)

1:07-1:16--- The shining stallion of goody two shoes and his rider of darksbane go throught the chaos like a lawn mower. Poor guys.

1:17-1:35---The light is starting to overcome the madness. slowly taking control of the battlefield... then... slowly... cheshyre starts to get up out of his throne...\

1:36-2:04---Cheshyre snickers then snaps his fingers and.... a computer pops up in front of him. He starts to play music... Evil music of madness and chaos... and the light spawn slowly start to crumble...

2:05-2:14---The light spawn crumble away while the "Hero" is only injured.. the chaos fades away into Cheshyre's Body, and he jumps off of his throne tower overlooking his empire and lands in front of the hero, bent over and sadistic looking. (IN A COOL WAY IM NOT SAYING YOUR CREEPY)

2:15-2:47---They're powers start to slowly make an aura around them... and dark electricy (Black and purple^-^) come off of cheshyre where goody two shoes just gets brighter (big whoop, my lighter can do that)

2:48-2:58---The aura's of power start to glow bigger and they collide somewhat calmly, then strange colored sparks start to come off of Cheshyre's aura and his power begins to slowly fade.. and you can hear painfully offtune notes in the song in the backround as he looses control..

2:59-3:12---Same thing is happening but more sparks and the tunes are more and more painful, the "hero's" ears begin to bleed...

3:13-3:32---Cheshyre's Body collapses as the light overtakes him, and in one last attempt to corrupt, i see a dark arc of madness hit goody two shoes in the chest... and the light turns to corruption as cheshyre starts to fade.... Then you see The chorrupted hero's body disappear and you see him smile and turn upside down... and the music starts to pick up tempo as the teeth turn to fangs and the skin to purple fur with dark stripes... then the head disappears and you hear an eerie laugh.... and then the sky began to slowly turn red as Cheshyre Reborn begins to make music....

so, in short, it was okay. lol. (AMAZING) 10/10, 5/5. if you read this and feel like commenting, please tell me if i got anywhere near your origional thought for this song :D
-Your strange friend (or fanboy, whichever you prefer XD)
~John "Sleknirk" Mason

cheshyre responds:

DANG!!!! I'm sorry that my response won't be as long as this amazing comment!! I didn't have this story in mind when I made the song but now I can't stop thinking about it when I listen to the song... If you are any good with Flash, please make this!! Thank you so much for the comment!!!!!! I'm speechless!