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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

coolest game

jump jump jump and boom
cool boom realy co... boom... ol

Sequels aren't s good as you think

Right after I played this game and died every time on the later levels, I went back and played the original to make sure I wasn't just sucking. I beat it easy, first try. This game's plusses:
-it's got better graphics
this games minuses:
-it's slower
-it's more complex (cuz the first was fun b/c it was so simple)
-Most important, it's harder. The missles are harder to tell apart, combos don't give as much points (so they're not as fun to get) and the physics are all changed slightly. You'll get a 7 just because the concept is good, but it's still kinda cheap to rip off your old game. I can understand sequels... but not when they suck. I canNOT understand remakes. This was pointless.


jump jump jump like once versions .i love it


this game is really great the best part about it is the co-op it is fun to do with friends it adds an extra twist to it (if u try it dont hit the blue missles)good luck and have fun!!

well down

Great Game Play and it look really good to well done