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Reviews for "LOZ - Twilight Problem"

I really enjoyed that :D

xDD The freaky chicken thing creeped me the hell out too...
But her kid little floating head-baby is almost creepier O_O

Awesome Twilight parody dude

Hey dude, I really enjoyed playing Twilight Princess, it was a great game, as was you flash, the animation, the voices everything was just great, I want to see you do another Zelda parody because this one rocks. Oh and the twilight realm tune at the end was a nice touch.


Great flash movie. You must have been exhausted after it was finished. Great detailed animation and voices. (This is meh first comment on Newgrounds XD)

Pretty good

The only problem I found was that Zant's was very annoying when he said it was time to rock.


.......wtf that was totaly random