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Reviews for "LOZ - Twilight Problem"

Great, man

You Are Awsome, Keep Up The Good Work!

That was awful

Just straight up unfunny. Got too much shit going on at once, like you keep throwing jokes at us hoping something hits.
And nothing does.
Oh look they fell, then its zant doing stuff, then it's oocaa (XDDD it's scuuuury O_o) then zant rocks out for no reason then midna starts reading then a beach ball burns her book cause...um...XDDDDDD RANDUUUUM JOOOKE ^_^

Did Ganon Eat Zant?!!

A coupon 4 a free pizza at castle town,Midna eating pizza and Wolf Link playing with a beach ball on the title screen,and Oocoo calling herself a freaky chicken thing.Make a sequel!!


You write in spanish! So :D...
Muy buen flash, te has currado las imágenes y eso gusta mucho xD Zank siendo un faggot me ha matado...... Y LO DE LA BASURA XDDD Genial.

Oh, if you're not, sorry!