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Reviews for "LOZ - Twilight Problem"

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Bad puns FTW.
And the radio is a Decepticon too!


It was a funny flash. It is funnier with cussing bleeped because it make me feel I'm watching a reality TV show. Why don't you start the TP flash from the beginning? If you need help finding voices for some characters, I can do evil voices.

Zants evil plan.

Throw your rubbish into another realm. Now thats an evil plan.


Zant is such a faggot.
Midna failed, too.

But why you had to block the swears? It's rated T, so why block them?

Oh my god...

...you killed Soundwave?! WHYYYYY!
Other than that though, an awesome piece of animation. Love the attention to detail that you've put into the charactes, PLUS any animation that kills the freaky chicken thing is good enough for a 10/10!